unknown sat flare

Igor G. Rozivika (igor@kuzi.sbor.spb.su)
Sat, 18 Apr 1998 08:59:51 +0400 (MSD)

Hi, all!
A 9 Apr 1998 I waited the predicted flares of Iridium28 and Iridium29
(18:16UT and 18:25UT). The sky was not dark (full moon). The limiting
magnitude of dimmest stars was about 4...5 mag. Approximately at
18:13UT I have seen a flash of a unknown satellite in several arcminutes
from Mizar (Zeta UMa). The brightness of a flash was about 2 mag, duration
of the 5...6 seconds. The satellite moved on north-east.
Today I have tried to find this satellite on new elset (molczan.tle, 14 Apr
1998), but this satellite has not found out. As gives molczan.tle, at 18:08 in 5
deg from Mizar has passed Cosmos 407 r. However, it has only 5 mag!
Somebody observed flashes of this satellite? Or there is some more idea?
Please, comments!
Igor G. Rozivika (igor@kuzi.sbor.spb.su)
Sosnovy Bor, St. Peterburg, Russia
Lat. 59.883
Lon. 29.017E
Alt. 50 m