Has anyone seen daylight Iridium flares?

Ling,Alister [Edm] (Alister.Ling@EC.gc.ca)
Sat, 18 Apr 1998 00:14:48 -0600

Hi gang,

I've been using IRIDFLAR (and SKYSAT) to watch night-time Iridium flares
with great success. 

However, I have not had success for daytime events despite planning.
Recently on 3 separate mornings the predictions for my site were for -6
to -8 mag flares (just a few seconds difference with new elset)

I did some considerable planning by locating the Alt-Az of the flare
ahead of time: The night before I would find the spot on the sky
(through astronomy software) with the anticipated alt-az then find a
spot in my backyard where I could line up the alt-az with a wire or
chimney top. The next morning I would put my feet back in the same spot,
then look up at my reference point and shift my position slightly so as
not to have the flare occur behind my reference point. No luck visually.

So I tried twice with binoculars. Venus at mag -4 is easy to find in
broad daylight in a scan with my 7x50 Fujinons. No sign of the flares
though. The binocs have a field of 7.5 degrees, so that should be plenty
of error to spare in case of slight foot positioning offset.

So naturally I am begning to wonder if the predictions are working for
other observers. Any luck out there? What technique did you use? 

Alister Ling
>53.5N 113.5 W