Superbird A obs and fireball?

Bradley P. Allen (
Sat, 18 Apr 1998 21:26:53 -0700

I went out to see Superbird A this evening 4/18 (which I watched in 11x80 
binoculars for 3 minutes starting at +1 Dec. 7hrs 42min RA).  Just as I 
starting to look for it (at 20:47 PDT) I became aware of a bright glow to 
my left; as I turned I saw a very bright blue-green (more than -10 mag., 
easily cast shadows) fast-moving object about 40 degrees altitude passing 
north to south through Virgo and ending around Delta Corvii in a small 
burst of orange sparks. No persistent trail was visible through by 
binoculars (in fairly hazy light-polluted skies) What might that have been? 
It was too slow and colorful to be a normal meteor, and too steady a path 
to be a flare gun, but I might have been deceived by something like that...

Bradley P. Allen N 33.881  W 118.387 +42 meters