re: Tumblers, bright Fs, double NOAA Fs

Eric Vondra (
Sun, 19 Apr 1998 00:50:11 -0400

Walter Nissen wrote:

> On the 18th, my ongoing refinement of airplane-satellite discrimination
> suffered a serious blow as I picked up Irdm 27 giving off mag -1? F
> flashes as it descended in the South from a high Western pass of altitude
> 74 degrees.  Looked just like an airplane, except maybe for the frequency
> of flashes.

Good point about Iridium 27. I tried to spot it twice with no luck. I couldn't figure out why
I wasn't seeing it, with all the enthusiastic reports here. At the end of the third
unsuccessful attempt I turned my binoculars to check out an airplane "just to make sure", and
there was Iridium 27 completing its pass. I had been ignoring it, thinking it was a plane!

Eric Vondra
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