Iridium Flare beam seen in clouds

Jim (
Sun, 19 Apr 1998 11:33:24 -0500

I'm hopeing for a cloudy night for my next monster Irid flare!

Am I nuts? :)

Well, from my very dark site in the Ozark mountains I think I'm seeing
the flares beam light up details of the clouds. Next time I'll be ready
for a better discription of the event. But here's my best shot.

There was no moon, and the clouds were broken that evening. I was
watching for the flare, and looking into a dark sky with no features
visable to speak of. So when the flare started the clouds edges showed
up in detail before the peak of the flare! It went too fast and I wasnt
ready for what I saw, so I cant provide much more detail than this.

Here's a question I hope to answer for myself from observation, but here
goes. If the mirror like surface is always flat towards the Earth, as
the flare peak approaches my position, would the beam appear to move
through the clouds from north to south (the direction of sat travel) or
south to north?

I think the beam will move from S-N 

To be able to see the clouds lit up you need a dark sky with no Moon or
city lights. Its quite a show!  good luck,  Jim