Un-annouced Flare

Sun, 19 Apr 1998 23:39:04 -0600 (MDT)

I had checked the GSOC site and ran Iridflar to check to see if any
worthwhile flares would grace my skies this evening. Only Iridium 6 at a
magnitude 1 was scheduled at 22:27L (04:27 UTC). Not really exciting so i
forgot about it. As i was doing my satellite observing, a light caught my
eye, i looked and saw a -3 maybe even -4 flare to the NE. I noted the time
as 22:30L (04:30 UTC) and checking later on, i ID'd it as Iridium 5 which
was a few moments behind Iridium 6. The time frame put it as Iriduim 5. The
thin haze produced a nice halo effect around the flare so even though the
flare was not listed, i was able to see it.