Iridium 23 and 48

Stephmon (
Tue, 21 Apr 1998 18:56:08 EDT

I was hoping to put this on the website in photo form, but I've just learned
that my film was lost...

March 28, 1998 01:12:07 GMT (20:12:07 Local EST) 28.38091N 81.35412W

  I attempted a long exposure photograph of Iridim 48 which was predicted by
GSOC to flare to Mag. -2.  I was pleasantly surprised to observe another
satellite moving in tandem, separated by about 30 arcminutes.  This second
satellite flared weakly (about Mag. +2) and should have been the highlight of
my photographs so far.  I ran the numbers through Skymap and confirmed that
Iridium 23 was the second satellite.  You can see a screen capture of the
Skymap plot at (URL)^48.html

My question to the group is, what are the chances that I'll -ever- get a
chance like this again?  I almost went over the counter after the photo
technician.  If this was a "once in a lifetime", I may go back...

Stephen Fels