Iridium 27 again

Marco Hahn (
Wed, 22 Apr 1998 20:56:00 +0200

Kommentar zu P7404@BB in der Gruppe SeeSat-Mailingliste

Moin Ed,

EC>It appears that it may flash fairly reliably on low passes to the west
(i.e., poor phase angle) when it's on the descending node.  Has  anyone s=
een if
it flashes on near-zenith passes and/or low in the east (i.e., good phase
angle) on either descending or ascending node? =20

yes, I have:
sat             date     time UTC   El    Azi
Iridium 27      10.01.98 16:57-59 74-30 131- 10
Iridium 27      11.01.98 16:54-55 70-54 161- 18

Unfortunately, I have no special note about where exactly I saw flashes, =
but I
remember very bright flashes and 3-4s periods. Especially the second obs
indicates flashes at elevations of about 60deg. Not yet zenith, but rathe=
high, isn't it?

Hej d=86, Marco