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Thu, 23 Apr 1998 12:45:21 -0700 (PDT)

---JAY RESPLER <> wrote:
> There were questions on how to read our new newsgroup,
> sci.astro.satellites.visual-observe
> This is from my local newspaper:
> --------------------------------------
>  Published in the Asbury Park Press 4/22/98
>  Q. I would like to read some of the newsgroup messages I have heard
>  so much about, but I don't have full Internet access. I can't access
> the
>  World Wide Web. I have one of those free e-mail accounts a lot of
>  people have. Will that work and can I find what I want?
>  J.H., Freehold Township
>  A.. You have e-mail, you have enough.
>  One of the best sites for the information you want is
> . It's got a wealth of information on news groups.

I've been using for some time now.  The feature I like is
the e-mail robot.  I have it configured to send me new postings to the
s.a.s.v-o newsgroup once a day.  I found the forms used to configure the
e-mail bot isn't entirely intuitive but if you persist it can be done.

I also use the MyDejaNews feature on  MyDejaNews allows
you to subscribe to any newsgroup, and with a click of a button it will show
you new and unread messages.

I can't prove it yet, but it appears that does not carry
messages originating from DejaNews and vice versa!  Perhaps a little
corporate jealously and gamemanship?  Too bad -- it's the user who loses.

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