Strobes in the sky, again

Ed Cannon (
Fri, 24 Apr 1998 02:38:06 -0500

Wednesday night (early on 23 April) some friends invited me 
to supper, and we watched a movie.  But I was able to show 
them a very nice Iridium 55 flare which was at least the 
predicted -3.  Then a while later from their place I saw 
(one-power) two bright Iridium 27 flashes, one about 2:54:30 
and the second about 2:55:05.  Finally, before leaving, I'm 
pretty sure that I saw two one-power Superbird A flashes 
about 3:06-07.  My friends' location is maybe 4 km north of 
30.314N, 97.866W.

Thursday night (early on 24 April) on my way from office to
home, I saw a really *nice* (-6.5?) flare from Iridium 30.  
(Also a few minutes earlier, in twilight [solar elev. -8], I 
saw a great pass of Cosmos 2347 [25088, 97-79A].)  Then from 
Mt. Bonnell I observed some very bright, one-power flashes 
from Raduga 33 (23794, 96-10A).  They were right around (and 
possibly began somewhat before) 2:40 UTC on 24 April.  Its 
pass was just east of Ursa Major, along the length of that 
constellation.  The range at 2:40 UTC was over 7,900 km 
(4,700 miles)!  Later, at about 2:52:15 I saw two easy one-
power flashes from Iridium 27, when it was only about 13 deg. 
above the horizon at about 304 az.  Also from there I managed 
to find and view together in one binoc. field all three NOSS 
2-2 objects.  Mt. Bonnell is about 30.321N, 97.773W, 230 m.  
Back at my apartment I tried for Superbird A, without success.

The triple conjunction of Moon, Venus and Jupiter was *very* 
nice Thursday morning, and those three weren't bad Wednesday 
morning, either!

Ed Cannon
Austin, Texas, USA