Re: Globalstar elsets 0300 04/25 UT

Jason Hatton (
Sat, 25 Apr 1998 10:10:38 +0000

Ron Lee wrote:
> The Florida Today Space Online site is excellent for getting info
> on launches. I just recehecked some of the launch profile info and
> I saw that after SECO 1, the booster and payloads are in a 185x1241 km (?)
> orbit at about 52 degree inclination.

I had a near zenith pass on the first orbit, after the SECO 1 burn, but
before SECO2. Despite this I failed to spot the Globalstar rocket,
probably because it was too faint to be seen through thin cloud which
reduced the limiting mag with binoculars to about mag +3. Thanks for
coming up with the pre-launch elsets anyway. Glad to hear other people
got some nice views of this object. One thing which would be useful for
future launches of this type would be a post SECO1 & post SECO2
pre-launch elset since the initial orbit is fairly eccentric, which I
guess means the pass will probably occur slightly earlier than for a
prediction based on the post SECO 2 orbit.

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