Re: Globalstar elsets 0300 04/25 UT

Ron Lee (
Sat, 25 Apr 1998 06:43:39 -0600

Now that I have what I believe is a valid post-SECO 1 elset (currently
labeled as the "A" object), I will provide that on future launches.
That would certainly help folks along the US eastern seaboard and 
possibly in Europe as well.  I need to review the launch profile to 
see if my earlier posts were misleading for European observers in the
initial orbit period.

Ron Lee

At 10:10 AM 4/25/98 +0000, you wrote:
Glad to hear other people
>got some nice views of this object. One thing which would be useful for
>future launches of this type would be a post SECO1 & post SECO2
>pre-launch elset since the initial orbit is fairly eccentric, which I
>guess means the pass will probably occur slightly earlier than for a
>prediction based on the post SECO 2 orbit.
>Best wishes & clear skies,
>Jason P Hatton