Globalstar Prelaunch Elset Errors Revealed

Ron Lee (
Sat, 25 Apr 1998 08:02:49 -0600

My apologies for the incorrect info I promulgated earlier
this week for our European observers.  After getting a post
SECO 1 elset, and reviewing the launch profile shown at
the Florida Today Space Online site, I made a big BOO-BOO.

I originally predicted a great pass for the London area.
It turns out that the booster and payload were still in
the initial orbit (185 x 1240 km) at that time.  Using the
on-orbit elset I posted was off in several ways.  The actual
object showed up in the London area about 3 minutes later,
but more importantly was much LOWER and in SHADOW, thus not

Lessons learned:

1)  Verify on-orbit elset against launch profile so I can specify
when the elset becomes useable.

2)   When possible, provide a SECO 1 type elset.


Ron Lee

PS.  Great job Craig in finding the four Globalstars. Despite my
boo-boo, I think my elset did allow one person to see a rocket burn,
truly a unique sighting.   I will try to provide info on such events
on future launches when I can get the info.