Echostar I observed

Fred & Julie Burger (
Mon, 27 Apr 1998 00:11:39 -0700

A while back there was a message from someone asking if anyone had
observed Echostar I.  Tonight I observed this Geosat with a 13.1"
(333 cm) reflector at 211X.  I did not get a magnitude estimate,
but it was rather dim in the eyepiece.  At first averted vision
was needed to see it, but with further dark adaption it could be
easily seen directly.  This is the first Geosynchronous satellite
I have observed and it was interesting to watch the stars flow
by it at 211X. (My telescope has no clock drive so it remained
pointed at the satellite.) This was the method I used to locate
it, use high enough power to make the Earth's rotation apparent
and look for the one star that didn't move with the rest.

- Fred 

Camano Island, WA  48 10' 33" N  122 29' 13" W