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Jason Hatton (
Mon, 27 Apr 1998 12:17:33 +0000

brixham wrote:
> This is the first Shuttle/Mir docking that I will have a chance to see. I
> know its probably the last as well.
> Is it posible that someone could produce some estimated prelaunch elesets
> for me?

One good source of pre-launch elesets (& updated several times per day
during the mission) is via the NASA spacelink STSTLE mailing list;

send an e-mail to

with "subscribe STSTLE your name" in the body of the message (without
the quotes). You will get a confirmation of subscription & how to
unsubscribe by e-mail. Further information can be found on the Spacelink
web page;

Usually, predicted pre-launch elsets are sent out well in advance of the
launch & regularly updated in flight. This is very useful for keeping
track of a Shuttle-Mir mission, since the Shuttle makes a lot of
Another source of pre-launch Shuttle elsets is the following web page;

STS-91 will pass directly over the UK & Europe on the first orbit after
launch. Launch is currently set for May 28 at 8:05 p.m. EDT (this is the
morning of 29th May for Europe).  Since the launch will take place
around 8pm EDT (2am UT?), both the Shuttle & the discarded external tank
should be visible about 20 minutes after launch (assuming lighting
conditions are correct, should be O.K. for UK due to long twilight at
this time of the year). Some software (STSPLUS?) can simulate reasonably
accurately the initial part of the orbit prior to OMS-2 burn based on
pre-launch elsets & the launch time.

Although this is the last Shuttle to Mir mission, Shuttle flights for
assembly of the International Space Station will be also at 51 degress
inclination & so will be similar viewing opportunities to Shuttle-Mir

Best wishes & clear skies,

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