Article on Iridium Flares and the GSOC Web Site in the Washington Post

Chris Peat (
Tue, 28 Apr 1998 11:38:26 +0200

If anyone is interested, there is an Iridium flare article today in the
"Washington Post" titled, "Low-Flying Satellites Staging a Global Show". The
GSOC web site features prominently, and there is also an unedited transcript
of an e-mail "interview" with myself. For those who have no access to a
paper copy, the two pieces can be found on the Washington Post web site at;


In case you don't already know it, the address of our satellite predictions
start page is;

I expect there will be a big surge in hits on our site for the next day or
too, so it might slow down considerably. I really must convince my boss we
need a new server ;-)


Chris Peat, Anite Systems
Currently working at the German Space Operations Centre near Munich