Iridium 4 Swollen Flash

franco foresta martin (
Tue, 28 Apr 1998 12:28:43 -0700 (PDT)

Hi SeeSaters ! Yesterday night from Rome (26 April,
20h,03m,54s UT) I observed a monster Iridium flash
through a thick but still transparent cloud layer.
Iridflare predicted -7.6 flash from Ir 4, Azm 74, El
42. Only Arcturus was barely visible in the
neighbourhood. Ir 4 appeared, slowly growing in
magnitude and in shape, like a swollen white ball
with a central yellow-red sparkling condensation;
reaching 1/4 degree in diameter at least.
I also have to report a double flash from Ir 29 and
Ir 34, both seen in Milano, April 20, according to
Sandro Baroni. Ir 29 made the first -2 flash at
19h03m33s (UT), and a +2 flash a few seconds later.
Ir 34 flashed -3 at 20h38m53s (UT) and then +3.Does
anyone know if these satellites are tumbling ?
Cheers, Franco Foresta Martin


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