Superbird A for SoCal

28 Apr 1998 12:44:50 -0800

Fellow Californians,

Those who haven't seen Superbird A yet but would like to try, here's
instructions on how to acquire it Tuesday evening, April 28th.

Go out tonite at 9:00pm PDT with a pair of binoculars (or a telescope)
and locate Procyon (alpha Canis Minor), about 40 degrees above the
west-southwest horizon.  About 10 degrees below Procyon is a very
close pair of stars:  delta Monoceros (mag 4.15) and 21 Monoceros
(mag 5.44).  (Delta, the brighter of the two, is on the left).  About
9:07pm you should start to see flashes from Superbird A about 1 degree
above the Monoceros pair (i.e. toward Procyon).  The flashes will be
brighter than either of these stars.  Peak flashes will be around 9:10pm.
Good hunting!  --Rob