Re: Lowering MIR orbit

Ralph McConahy (
29 Apr 1998 09:01:58 -0700

>>Incidentally the Russians are now saying in Press reports that they are 
>>going to lower MIR, using the Progress scheduled for launch May 15,
>>presumably after the contract with NASA expires when Andy Thomas leaves
>>Tony Beresford
>This story was reported recently by a copyrighted Associated Press release that
>I received through AOL news.  The following CNN address has essentially the 
>same information:
>Don Gardner
     The above mentioned story was on FBIS yesterday. Today another story 
     appeared that said the Russians deny that MIR will be lowered soon. 
     The main reason given was that the ISS will not be ready as soon as 
     expected. There was also a denial that they had decided on the exact 
     method to end MIR's life (i.e. will it be dismantled or burnt in over 
     an ocean in one piece).
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