Kevin (kfetter@geocities.com)
Thu, 30 Apr 1998 05:30:28 -0400

I was at the Space imaging Web site this morning, when I notices they had
photo of the soon to be launched IKONOS 1 satellite. It has three large
solar panels, and in one photo it shows a reflection on the person working
on it.
Will this satellite flash?, as I am betting it will, with some bright
flashes, which will depend on it's orbit and other factor's. the images are
at http://www.spaceimaging.com  

Also I think I saw on the news the other night, showing a computer screen
tracking satellite's and was used to predict when satellite's will collide
with each other. So I take it norad has some type of computer that does
predict when satellite's might collide with each other. How difficult is it
to write a program that computes an ephemeris for say all the satellite's
in molczan.tle , and then uses the ephemeris output to compute multi
satellite collision's or very close sat encounter's. Rob Maton's excellent
COLA program can only use one satellite such as mir at a time , and see
when other sat's might collide with it. For example say cosmos 2106 came
clse to mir, COLA can't tell me that cosmos 2106 might also come close to
cosmos 2338 r unless I enter cosmos 2106 into the program wher mir was
entered, ie cola can only do one sat at a time, instead of multi sat close