Thu, 30 Apr 98 13:38:15

I guess it's possible, but...(just a guess)

1. Being an imagining satellite, I suspect it will be placed in a 
sun-synchronous orbit, thus there probably won't be a high probability of 
viewing it when the sky is dark and it is still in sunlight.

2. The highly reflective article, appears to be a folded appendage of 
some type, but *if* it springs out at a right angle to the body of the 
space craft, it appears it would be pointed away from Earth if the optics 
are at the top of the sat in the photo.

3. Being an imaging satellite, I would suspect it's attitude would be 
frequently changing, thus it would not be predictable like Iridium.

Let's hope I'm wrong and it gets launched on May 20th;-)

Jeff Hunt <>

--- On Thu, 30 Apr 1998 05:30:28 -0400  Kevin <> 
wrote in part:

>Will this satellite flash?, as I am betting it will, with some bright
>flashes, which will depend on it's orbit and other factor's. the images 
>are at