Iridium 29 Flare

Chris Hudson (
Thu, 30 Apr 98 10:24:54 -0500

Last night, 30 April, precisely at 00:07:14 UTC, my wife, son, and I witnessed
the -8.4 magnitude flare from Iridium 29, exactly as predicted by IRIDFLAR!  As
my 7 year old son said: "Awesome!!"

I managed to capture it on tape, which I then sent to my friend Sue Palka, who
does the weather on the DC area Fox outlet, WTTG-Channel 5.  I'll try to have a
Quicktime loop up on the web in the next few days....

The flare occured just after sunset, fortunately for me right in a hole in the
edge of an approaching cloud.  It was very brief, but very intense.  I got the
impression of a "square wave" light curve, much more so than on some of the less
bright ones I've seen in dark skies.

We're due for another bright one tonight...unfortunately it'll be fighting
raindrops... :-(


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