Iridium satellite statuses

Thu, 30 Apr 1998 14:06:20 -0500

As of April 30, 1998, the Iridium constellation has suffered 4 hard failures
that currently do not offer prospects of any future recovery. These are IR
11, 20, 21, and 27. It is expected that the first planned operations and
maintenance launch in a few months time will attempt to repopulate plane 6
which has two of the four failed satellites in it. The next Delta launch
attempt with 5 additional spacecraft is not expected until at least mid May.
Friday, May 1 a Long March rocket is expected, weather permitting, to launch
at 09:22:29UT with 2 spacecraft onboard from Taiyuan Space Launch Center.
(In September 1987, I observed a solar eclipse from downtown Taiyuan and
there was no such launch center in existence at that time). 


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