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From: Thomas Fly (
Date: Thu Apr 01 2004 - 12:05:27 EST

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    In the following message
    Judy May mentioned the Astrovid StellaCam II, which is a mid to high-end amateur
    camera priced at $795:
    Moreover, currently it appears to be intended for photographing celestial
    objects (i.e., it does frame integration), rather than for video; the "User's
    Guide" for "PC Control for Stellacam II"
    indicates shutter speeds of 1/120 to 1/2000 as being "for future use."
    The Philips line of ToUcams seems to be popular among SeeSat-L, and similarly
    interested folks, and I was considering getting the relatively new "ToUcam Pro
    David Molyneaux states below
    "I've added a top rating for the Toucam Pro II now that recent results find it
    as good as the Toucam Pro."
    He indicates that this camera uses the Sony ICX098BQ CCD.
    gives this caveat, however (which is confirmed by the PDF above):
    "The TouCam Pro 840K is the latest Philips incarnation of the original 740K. It
    has exactly the same lens thread and electronics, only the casing is different.
    Do not be fooled by the greater frame rate as this is still a USB 1.1 webcam and
    frames are limited by USB bandwidth to 5fps 640x480 uncompressed."
    I have a 3 year-old ADS "Pyro" webcam that uses the FireWire interface, and can
    capture uncompressed VGA color video at 15 fps.  Unfortunately, there doesn't
    appear to be an updated driver for it, that would allow me to control shutter
    I've decided to try the Fire-i camera, which also apparently uses the Sony
    ICX098BQ CCD:
    This particular model comes with a 4.65mm lens, giving a horizontal view angle
    42 and a vertical view angle 32.  The camera is also available as a "Fire-i
    Board Camera Color"
    with a choice of 2.1, 4.5, 4.65, and 12mm lenses.
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