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Date: Fri Apr 02 2004 - 18:22:33 EST

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    - If you have just subscribed to SeeSat-L for the first time,
    we appreciate it if you send a short introduction about yourself
    and your interest in satellite observing to the EXPLOSIVE address
    Visual Satellite Observers,
    I am a new member to the list and am following the above directions to
    introduce myself.  My wife and I enjoy casual satellite observing from our
    back yard in Texas.  I am also very interested in making precise
    measurements and contributing useful observations to the group.
    I have a copy of ObsReduce and am trying to get my act together enough to
    use it.  Timing accuracy is my primary concern.
    Programming is another interest.  I have written a C++ program to determine
    orbits from optical sightings. It seems "bulletproof".  I am also trying to
    write a program to automatically update an elset using optical sightings.
    Convergence is difficult to achieve automatically.
    Looking forward our collaboration,
    Scott Campbell
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