GPSr and iridium flare

Date: Sun Apr 04 2004 - 18:01:52 EDT

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    Last night I finally had a "clear enough" sky, the time, and the incentive to 
    try using my GPSr (r = receiver) in laying down the track of the -8 part of a 
    iridium flare. I made the track as a 1-legged route that came out to be 77 
    statute miles long. I am posting the information at a geocaching website in a 
    place that they have dubbed, "Tom's Corner." 
    Into the GPSr I first input the data that according to H-A was the place to be 
    to see the –8 flare beginning with a point S of my home. Then I input the same 
    sort of data for a point N of my home. Anyone in my general area can then plug 
    in the two coordinates and make a “route” between them. 
    When I finished my route I took off just in time and drove to the line 
    presented on the map screen. Actually (thanks to Murphy:) the batteries to the 
    unit died when I was about a mile from the line.    
    The flare was easily visible in a bright twilight sky through haze. I plan to 
    keep the "route" in my unit and simply modify the two "waypoints" to set up the 
    track for the best view of future flares. I’ll be making other routes for 
    various ISS encounters as well.  
    Tom  Iowa  USA
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    P.S. Take a look at Venus. It's in the Pleadies. 
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