Re: Cosmos 2001 is relocated

From: Harro Zimmer (
Date: Tue Apr 06 2004 - 08:17:00 EDT

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    1989-011A (#19796) Cosmos 2001 
    This Oko - Early Warning Satellite was launched on February 14, 1989 (04:21:11 UTC)
    in Plane 4 of the system. Cosmos 2001 was working until March 15, 1993 - a little 
    bit longer then the 20 months average lifetime for the "Okos" of the eighties.
    What the different TLEs apparently show is only a mixture of some tracking
    uncertainties and classical orbit pertubations. Since a decade Cosmmos 2001 
    is dead. See also the change of the inclination from 62.8 (launch) to 66.8 (today)
    - a typical indication. No relocation or orbit correction....
    It would be interesting to see its optical behaviour.
    Berlin, Germany 
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