From: Robert Morgan (
Date: Fri Apr 23 2004 - 09:41:35 EDT

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          At 05:35 PST (12:35 UT) I stepped outside to
    observe Iridium 46 flare as scheduled at 05:37:14 PST.
    The flare occurred as predicted (actually it was a bit
    early by 15 seconds). I tracked the satellite
    visually(naked eye) for 17.03 seconds. 
          Approximately 1 second later, there was another
    satellite flare in the very same location as the first
    flare had occurred. I need help identifying what this
    second flare was.
          A check at Heavens Above shows Iridium 46 listed
    twice with passes at 05:37:28 and 05:37:29. I was
    unable to find a match for any other predicted
    satellite passes at my location at the times noted. 
          My questions: 1) Was this possibly a replacement
                        2) Could there possibly be an
    error in identification of one of the two Iridium
    satellites listed at Heavens Above for the two(2)
    times stated? 
                        3) Can someone possibly identify
    the second satellite, or explain to me what exactly I
    saw that flared?
           Thank you for any help here. This is very
    puzzling to me.
    R. Morgan
    Amateur Astronomer
    Carson City, Nevada USA
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