RE: ISS "close encounter."

From: Ted Molczan (
Date: Sat Apr 24 2004 - 01:39:50 EDT

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    Robert Holdsworth wrote:
    > On Tuesday 20 April at 06:41 UTC I was observing the ISS on 
    > an almost overhead pass from NNW to ESE..
    > After transit and as it passed close to Centaurus a further 
    > moderately bright object was seen which appeared to 
    > "overtake" the ISS.  It was initially travelling in 
    > approximately the same direction, but much faster. I estimate 
    > that its magnitude was in the region of zero.  This object 
    > appeared to travel initially slightly to the North of the 
    > ISS, then closely "in front" of it, and finally a little to 
    > the southeast of it.  I doubt if it was rapid enough for a 
    > meteor.  The ISS entered shadow, and I think the unknown did 
    > too.  Although Soyuz was on its way to ISS the object does 
    > not appear to "fit."
    You observed the rocket body of the latest Soyuz.
    This is closest elset I could find; epoch about 0.4 d prior to your obs:
    1 28229U 04013B   04110.86891207  .02629774  12036-4  77347-3 0    49
    2 28229  51.6541 263.2296 0026115  77.3006 283.0298 16.25412297   118
    The rocket was 227 km above Earth; ISS was 384 km high.
    Ted Molczan
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