Re: Another Gravity Probe flare

From: Mike_ (
Date: Mon Apr 26 2004 - 09:18:09 EDT

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    References for this message may be wrong and apper out of the thread,
    because I accidentally reply to Ron instead of the list.
    Sorry. Today my keystrokes are more dangerous than the average.
    On Sun, Apr 25, 2004 at 10:25:21PM -0600, Ron Lee said...:
    > This one on a northbound pass in the west.  Longer duration flare at about
    > 3:19:49 UT 26 April 2004.  Az/El around 291/26 degrees.
    I got a short flare too on 20040425,I'd say provvidential because I had lost the
    sat due to pollution coming from a nasty neighbour and her door light :-(
    Far in the north, at the end of a nice pass, 70 deg max elv.
    The flare occured around 20:15 +- 1 min UTC (I know this doesn't help, but I
    ran outside in a rush without wristwatch :-) )
    I'd say it lasted 2 seconds, with a magnitude comparable to Jupiter, a
    little brighter maybe.
    Whoa, this sounds like the "Imprecise guide to imprecise obs report" :-D
    > Looks like these flares/flashes may be predictable.
    I'll compare this one (the first I've seen) to others, and maybe post some 
    other unuseful timeless information...
    Oh, almost forgotten:
    	Lon: 8 31' 46''
    	Lat: 45 41' 23''
    I'm kinda new to observing, so I'm taking no responsibilty for
    ANYTHING of the above :)
    Clear Skies!
    P.S. I've noticed another sat, just off track GP-B, some degrees in
    advance, a little fainter. Was it its rocket? Celestrak TLE for 
    2004-014-B show it to be much earlier than GB-P...
    Again, I may have messed up the whole thing...
    Michael // Mike_
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    I don't remember being chained...
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