2004-015B decayed

From: Harro Zimmer (Harro.Zimmer@t-online.de)
Date: Tue Apr 27 2004 - 15:49:00 EDT

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    Report time: 19:00 UTC
    2004-015B (# 28235) Proton Platform aka Upper Stage Casing
    SCC'S FINAL REPORT - prepared April 27, 14:54 UTC - shows the decay on:
    27 April, 13:15 UTC +/- 01 hours (28.6N, 271.6E) 
    descending over the Gulf of Mexico East of the Missisippi Delta.
    At this time OIG shows no ELSET. I have roughly reconstructed the final orbit 
    (rev 11) with an ascending node at 12:33 UTC (Long 125.3E). The decayer crossed
    over the American continent - beginning at 12:59 UTC over the Vancouver Island -
    from NW to SSO. 
    Harro Zimmer   
    Berlin, Germany
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