The 2004-015B - A post mortem analysis

From: Harro Zimmer (
Date: Thu Apr 29 2004 - 14:50:00 EDT

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    Report time 18:00 UTC
    2004-015B (#2 28235) Proton Platform aka casing
    After my first message (April 27) with a decay estimate after reconstructing the
    final orbit with an empirical ballistic coefficient (no ELSET available) here now
    an updated final analysis based on a fresh "last" ELSET.
    SCC'S FINAL REPORT - prepared April 27,14:54 UTC  - showed the decay on:
    27 April, 13:15 UTC +/- 01 hours (28.6N, 271.6E)
    descending over the Gulf of Mexico, south of the Mississsippi Delta.
    MPM+REENTRY delivers with ELSET 04118.463... (SFX 095. ap 008) the decay on:
    27 April. 13:08 UTC +/- 11 minutes (49.10^N, 233.73E)
    also southbound over the Pacific near the Canadian coast.
    Harro Zimmer
    Berlin, Germany
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