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    Subject: [PLANOCCULT] Extracting time from the internet
    > Every so often the issue of obtaining accurate time over the internet 
    > arises in this forum.
    > Recently I downloaded a freeware program called Chronos. It synchronises 
    > the PC clock with about 15 time servers, and promises time to an accuracy 
    > of 0.1 secs. In its on-screen display, it shows the time differences from 
    > each of the servers, and indicates a 'latency' period. A user of this 
    > software would probably believe that their PC clock was accurate to about 
    > 0.1 secs.
    > I have now down a number of tests on the accuracy of the PC clock when 
    > synchronised with this software. I did this on two PC's and a Laptop, over 
    > a couple of days. One of the problems with assessing the accuracy of any 
    > clock is having a reliable independent source of time - and I have a 
    > purpose-designed receiver for extracting accurate time from GPS signals 
    > which is accurate at the microsecond level. What I can report is that the 
    > PC clock when synchronised with Chronos is consistently about 0.5 to 0.6 
    > secs behind UTC.
    > For your information....
    > Dave Herald
    > Canberra, Australia
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