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From: Art Glick (
Date: Thu Apr 19 2007 - 03:38:43 EDT

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    Fellow SeeSater's,
    Thanks to everyone who responded both on and off the list with much 
    insight and excellent information.  I guess it's not a silly question 
    after all, and I already had a hunch that the illuminated spot would 
    be too big to discern as a spot (except, perhaps, from an aircraft).
    What has crossed my mind is that one might see an effect similar to 
    what you might see on a partly cloudy night with a partial moon, as 
    the clouds moved in front of and away from blocking the moonlight.
    We have a -8 flare going right over cemetery hill, a popular 
    observing spot and high perch, this coming Saturday night, which just 
    happens to be Astronomy Day!  What a perfect time to try to see the effect.
    I'll let the list know if I observe anything worthwhile, and 
    meanwhile, thanks again for all your comments.
    Best Regards,
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