Minotaur launch from WFF

From: Ralph McConahy (rwmcconahy@earthlink.net)
Date: Tue Apr 24 2007 - 14:55:31 EDT

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    A Minotaur-1 launched an MDA payload (NFIRE) at 064800UT from Wallops this morning (4/24).
    I'm wondering if anyone saw it, I didn't see any report on SeeSat.
    I believe the TLEs for the launch can be found on SpaceTrack under object #s 31140 & 31141.
    I have a 1-Mb version of the thumbnail photo that is on that web site if anyone would like a copy.
      Ralph McConahy
      38.3306N, 75.6970W, -25m (WGS84)
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