Re: CBERS 1 (99-057A) tumbling rapidly

From: Mike McCants (
Date: Sun Apr 29 2007 - 12:16:02 EDT

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    Ed Cannon posted:
    >Observed CBERS 1 (25940) tumbling about every 1.36 second.
    >Here's a PPAS report:
    >99-057 A 07-04-29 01:57:07   EC   84.2 0.2  62  1.358 +4.0->i
    It was quite spectacular.  After Ed said "What is that?!", I started
    observing it.  I saw a couple of very bright flashes at an altitude
    of only 20 degrees in the north near the end of the pass.  The tumbles
    and flashes seemed quite orange to me.
    The mean motion changed from 14.344842 to 14.343946 (a decrease
    in mean motion of 0.000900) in 2.5 days from 07049.5 to 07052.0.
    There were some smaller fluctuations for a few days after that, but
    the current mean motion seems stable.
    Mike McCants
    Austin, TX   BCRC 30.3N, 97.9W
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