Windows XP issues on new computer

From: Ron Lee (
Date: Sun Apr 29 2007 - 15:18:44 EDT

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    Several weeks ago my computer hard drive failed and I ended up getting
    a  new computer.  Of course now Skymap does not work correctly.
    The ansi function is not working and when I select F10 the program ends.
    In the archive I found guidance and I have ansi.sys in the
    windows/system32 directory and
    devicehigh=C:\Windows\system32\ansi.sys in the config.nt file.
    Plus, DEVICEHIGH C:\Windows\system32\ansi.sys in the autoexec.nt file
    At this point I am not sure which is right but as I was changing things the 
    function started working so the screen is correct.
    Still, when I select F10, the program ends.  This is with satellite 
    trajectory and
    star map mode.   Any suggestions on what is wrong?  The default directory is
    correct and Skymap sees the star database(s).
    Ron Lee
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