Re: North Korea satellite: NOTAMs inconsistent with claimed sun-synchronous orbit

From: Jonathan McDowell (
Date: Sun Apr 08 2012 - 15:21:56 UTC

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    >  won't this be their 3rd satellite
    Indeed! And with all respect to Brian, 500 km is not a high altitude for a first satellite
    launch, it's pretty typical; the accuracy needed for sun-sync depends on *how long* you need the
    orbit not to drift - I'm sure a degree or so is just fine for them, so if it weren't for the
    need to yaw it wouldn't be a big deal - and I don't think the ground network needed to
    pick up the occasional burst of telemetry from a satellite is that hard, about half of the 
    universities which have launched cubesats have managed to do it successfully! Again, their
    standards for declaring successful exploitation of the data may not be the same as yours...
      It's certainly an ambitious attempt, but I think it's clear that the internal rhetoric
    and political system pushes them to attempt things that are a bit beyond what they can actually
    pull off. Not that that would ever happen over here *cough*JWST*cough* .... 
      - Jonathan
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