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From: tony dinkel (
Date: Thu Apr 12 2012 - 17:42:46 UTC

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    Historically, GOES east and west broadcast their time code on 468.825 and .8375, a very crowded portion of two-way radio spectrum in the US.  
    > Good Morning:
    > I wonder if the 470 MHz region of the radio spectrum is heavily used in South Korea, China, or Japan. If 470 MHz is heavily used in the region, it would cast some doubt on North Korea's claim that they are launching a satellite.
    > After all, you would want to select a quiet portion of the spectrum for the satellite downlink to make the signal easier to hear.
    > If this is an ICBM test, it is logical to assume that the North Koreans would want to collect engineering data (radar tracking information, telemetry, and so on) during the entire flight in order to assess the vehicle's performance.
    > Have there been any reports of North Korean range support ships or trawlers being seen downrange? A logical location for such a ship would be near the third stage impact area or a potential payload splash point.
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