A nice flashing satellite : Iridium 33 Q debris - obj 33777

From: alain.figer@club-internet.fr
Date: Fri Apr 13 2012 - 10:15:18 UTC

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    I observed last night by chance a nice flashing satellite from about 22h05.5 to 22h06.0 UTC using binoculars. The satellite was quite bright, exhibiting quick variations in the range of mag 4.8 to 7 . I didn't attempt to estimate its period, because it got eclipsed soon after culmination, while I was busy to complete an accurate position measurement.
    Maybe, if any, the period is less than 10 seconds.
    Using Calsky, I identified the satellite as object 33777 (1997-51 Q) Iridium 33 Q debris. This object is not listed in the PPAS, although a few other Iridium 33 debris already are.
    Alain Figer
    48.67 N ; 2.13 E ; 170 m a.s.l.
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