Unid last night

From: Tom Laskowski (tmlask@att.net)
Date: Fri Apr 20 2012 - 22:39:58 UTC

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    I'm spending the week at the Texas Star Party  @ N30.6104, W103.9522 atl 
    While observing open clusters in Monoceros last night I spotted an unid pass 
    through Collinder 115.  I thought this might be a geosat but it was moving 
    eastward faster than geosats appear to move and it was flashing regularly 
    every few seconds.  At exactly 0418:51on 4/20 I saw the sat pass just north 
    a small triangle of stars at 6h 47m 11"  +01 deg 47' 05" (very close 
    position).  The closest I have been able to ID this is that it might be 
    33559 Ariane 2 deb. but the path of that should be slightly north from the 
    position I saw.
    This was nice and would like to see it again out here.
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