RE: Old NOSS still in orbit?

From: Ted Molczan (
Date: Sat Apr 21 2012 - 13:36:43 UTC

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    Giuseppe N. Gerbore wrote:
    > TLEs for the following NOSS satellites seem very old (epoch 2011 and 2010).
    > 05678
    > 05680
    > 11720
    > 11732
    > 13791
    > 13845
    > HA gives them as still in orbit. Is this correct?
    They remain in orbit, but have not been observed for some time by the hobbyists who for many years have been the sole
    public source of their precise orbital elements. Most probably are lost, in the sense that their current location within
    their orbits is unknown, but they are not irretrievably lost, because the present size, shape and orientation of their
    orbits still can be estimated with reasonable precision, which would enable planar searches to recover them. Or, we
    could wait for Kevin to spot them as UNIDs.
    > Classified downloaded from Orbitron's site. Any other site providing them?
    I have yet to come across a site that was not redistributing the hobbyist product, so there probably is no other public
    Ted Molczan
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