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Date: Sun Apr 29 2012 - 10:07:30 UTC

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    Dear list,
    I've just implemented on my web program a new function the may be of interest 
    to the members of the list.
    It consists of an advanced satellite search that can apply several filters, 
    not only on the satellite names,
    but also on some orbital parameters and even on some parameters relative to 
    the observers, such as visual 
    magnitude, apparent angular speed, elevation, azimuth, and so on...
    This function can be of help in identifying satellites. I have integrated the 
    search in the tracking program, so
    it is possible to run an identification following these 5 simple steps:
    1) Enter the program with the following link:
    2) Set your coordinates by double clicking on the google map at your location
    3) Set the observation time with the keyboard or through the time control 
    panel on the left column
    4) Double click on the map, where the satellite has been seen
    5) Confirm or change the size of the search area
    Eventually, when the result of the search will appear, you can click on the 
    "Track all these objects" to see them in the sky map.
    If the map results over crowded, enable the "Hide the satellite names" option.
    (The search page can be also directly accessed at this link: http://www. )
    The service is still under test. Any comments or suggestions are welcomed.
    Best regards,
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