Re: flashing period of 2005-04 B object 28538

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Date: Sun Apr 29 2012 - 14:46:01 UTC

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    I meant to answer you on your previous post of the similar nature, but
    didn't have time to work through an example (and still don't before
    May 13 ?).
    If you can determine the true time to 1s from your camera time, or
    have faith in the accuracy of the elset, or verify it against current
    observations, you can determine the track speed very accurately with
    Ted's ObsReduce. A few seconds error (or more) changes the track very
    Using the times you can estimate, and the pixel coordinate method of
    Obsreduce, it will detemine the corrections from the elset to your
    points, so you can compute when it "ought to be" at those positions.
    This should allow you to determine the times as accurately as the
    image permits, and even compute flash intervals spanning several
    2012/4/29 <>
    > ...
    > Although each maximum can be located quite accurately on the satellite's track registered on the photos, the period accuracy is limited by the fact the time of each photo is given at the second only by the clock of my Canon EOS 600D camera. It would need to know the time of each photo at the tenth of second.
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