Bright UNID

From: Arto Oksanen via Seesat-l <>
Date: Sat, 16 Apr 2016 10:36:09 +0300
There was a bright unidentified satellite on the images of the allsky
camera of Hankasalmi observatory, Finland

Or could it be an airplane?

Some measured coordinates (not very accurate):

UTC                  R.A.   Dec      Az   El
2016-04-14T00:32:49  10h43m +46d12'  286d +46d
2016-04-14T00:32:59  10h08m +46d18'  291d +41d
2016-04-14T00:33:22  09h59m +48d02'  306d +36d Talitha
2016-04-14T00:33:44  07h56m +44d51'  314d +27d

A91 Hankasalmi, Murtoinen
62.2544N, 26.5962E, 150m

Arto Oksanen
Muurame, Finland

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