Expected STS-85 Water dump time

Tue, 12 Aug 97 16:14:49 PDT

According to an 'inside source' at NASA, the next STS water dump is scheduled
for Mission Elapsed Time 5d 18h 13m.  This works out to be August 13,
at 08:54 UTC.  Hoping that somebody would be able to see it, I checked with
STS Plus and saw that if it occurs on schedule, STS-85 will be in darkness
west of Chile, heading NE.  It will reach sunlight over Central South America
around 09:06 UTC, only 12 minutes or so after the dump is scheduled to start.
Are there any Seesat observers in the steaming Amazon jungle?  :-)

About half an orbit later, parts of Australia might be able to see remnants
of the dump at around 10:00 UTC, but I'm not sure how long the event is
visible after it has been initiated.

Please, don't charter a Concorde based on these predictions. :-) Remember, the
last time I posted a scheduled dump, NASA performed it some 12 hours earlier
than originally planned.

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