Re: Koronas-F objects observed

From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Wed Aug 01 2001 - 00:45:09 PDT

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    Dan Deak wrote:
    > I just observed (01:42 UT on Aug. 01) two of the four catalogued 
    > objects from today's launch of the Koronas-F satellite....
    > The two Deb objects were not seen in my 20x80 ....  But the 
    > other two ... were steady with the satellite at mag 2.5 and the 
    > rocket at 3.0.
    I was able to see the same two objects -- KORONAS-F, (26873, 
    01-032A) and SL-14 R/B (26874, 01-032B) -- but on this pass, from
    here, at about 3:19:20 August 1 UTC, low in the NNE, the R/B, in 
    the lead, was at least a magnitude brighter, about +5 versus +6.  
    Both were steady.  I was not able to find either of the debris 
    objects.  The range was about 1300 km to 1200 km.  Quicksat phase 
    angle was in the upper 80s.  Objects entered shadow soon.
    Dan also wrote:
    > I saw ISS make a great pass which culminated in a slow but 
    > bright flare at mag -4.
    Same here, at around 3:25 Aug. 1 UTC.  I also saw ISS on the 
    previous pass, at about 1:47-48 UTC, when the Sun was only about
    5.25 degrees below the horizon.  I could see Antares, and toward
    the later part of the pass ISS was somewhat brighter than Antares.
    Has anyone tried to see it in the daytime yet?
    Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA
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