Photo op: Perseids and Iridium flares

From: Denis V. Denissenko (
Date: Wed Aug 01 2001 - 10:11:12 PDT

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    I have found interesting photo opportunity again!  There will be
    several bright Iridium flares in Perseus during the next week from my
    location (Moscow, Russia, 56th latitude).  What's most amazing - some
    of those flares match the "head" of Perseus (star Eta Per) which is
    very close to the radiant of major meteor shower!  Details are on my
    page with the list of brightest Iridium flares in Moscow, Russia for
    the week of August 6-12, 2001:
    Click on times of Aug 9th and 10th flares to see visible pass charts.
    Since Iridium orbital planes are slowly moving relative to Earth
    surface from day to day there must be some places in Northern European
    mid-latitudes where such flares in Perseus will happen during the
    night of Peresid meteor shower's maximum (August 12th).  Also, there
    are 6 orbital planes in Iridium "constellation" hense similar flares
    must happen in many locations in North America and Asia as well.
    That's why I recommend to check out in advance if you have bright
    flares like these using Heavens Above predictions at
    Meteor observers are welcome to for links to more info
    regarding Iridium flares and some pictures, while satellite hunters
    can find more info on forthcoming Perseid meteor shower following the
    links from my Astronomy Page
    Good observing, and I wish that someone has luck to capture bright
    Perseid meteor and Iridium flare on one frame!
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