RE: Coronas obs

From: Matson, Robert (
Date: Thu Aug 02 2001 - 10:41:30 PDT

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    Hi Jim,
    > Coronas SL 14 R/B
    > The RB is noticabley brighter than the satellite, R/B predicted at 4.8,
    > comparing it to SAO 18897, mag 4.3 (I think Theta Cepheus, the
    > skymap label looks like a figure 8 and I don't see a figure 8 in my
    > greek alphabet, so theta comes close) it seems to be similar
    > magnitude, I'm reporting 4.4 .
    Plotting the R/B track for your location, it did pass quite
    close to theta-Cepheus (mag 4.21, HP #101093, HD #195725).
    The SkyMap-predicted magnitude was +4.3 at closest approach
    to the star, so I'd say that agrees quite closely with your
    observation.  (I used the Molczan standard magnitude of +5.5).
    Perhaps you were using a default standard magnitude of +6?
    I can send you an up-to-date SATMAG.DAT file if you need
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