Re: Best ISS pass for me so far

From: Sebastian Stabroth (
Date: Thu Aug 02 2001 - 14:43:42 PDT

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    > Saw my best pass of ISS so far last at just before
    > 23:00 local time (2200UT) along with my observing
    > buddy Jason Evans.   Heavens Above showed its peak
    > magnitude was going to be -0.3 but it flared to at
    > least -3.. was anyone else treated to this?
    saw it 4 minutes later. But from my location (52.3 N, 10.5 E)
    the flare wasn't that bright. It seems to me, these ISS flares
    occur only if ISS is at elevations around 20-30 deg or so.
    Can someone proof it?
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